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dead wheels presents champagne

alex broskow, chris farmer, david sizemore, shawn engler & adam johnson travelled to new york city, detroit, atlanta, seattle, portland, los angeles, albuquerque, phoenix,
dallas and kansas city to bring you champagne.

april 2016 - may 2017

faqs -

1. Why isn't the b-roll available to download? Clocking in at over an hour we made the decision not to make the b-roll available for a few reasons, but mainly file size. We wanted to limit the size of the files that people were downloading to their phones and tablets, and at the same time not force them to manage a zipped package containing two files. The b-roll remains an exclusive to the dvd and will eventually make it onto our youtube page.

2. I can't track my international package. What can you tell me? Unfortunately the USPS only tracks the package until it is handed off to the next country in the line of succession. I only have the same information as you.

3. My package is in customs, what now? You'll likely be notified that your package is being held in customs because your country wants you to pay in import tax. While we mark all packages as gifts, they are still sometimes flagged by your local sorting station.

4. My package just stopped, now what? This is truly a what the F situation. We have had two packages just stop in transit. We are unsure why, and are working with the post office to figure out the situations.

Thanks for your patience, 97% of packages have arrived without any troubles. With great volume comes an increase in mistakes happening along the supply chain. Please reach out to us through either the paypal/ bigcartel email or the email listed above. Facebook and instagram messages are NOT a good method of contact. The easiest method of contact is ajohnsonvx@gmail.com

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